Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Infiniti G35, 2003

Infiniti G35, 2003

The Infiniti G35 is a sport luxury car introduced to North America in the 2003 model year. It is known as the 11th generation (V35) Nissan Skyline in Japan, and other names elsewhere in the world. It is available in sedan and coupe. A 6-speed manual transmission became available in 2003 as a 2003.5 model on the sedan (the coupe always had the option). For the 2003-04 model years, the V6 produced 260 horsepower and 260 ft·lbf of torque in the sedan, 280 horsepower and 270 ft·lbf in the coupe. In the 2005 and 2006 model years, those with automatic transmissions (both sedan and coupe) produced 280 horsepower and 270 ft·lbf of torque, while those with manual transmissions produced 298 horsepower and 260 ft·lbf of torque (again, both in sedan and coupe form). The G35 is assembled in Tochigi, Japan, and the first G35 was built on March 12, 2002 as a 2003 model.

Sporting the ubiquitous (and esteemed) VQ35DE engine, the Infiniti G35 uses a front-midship engine, rear-wheel drive layout (all-wheel drive is available for the G35x sedan) to achieve a 52/48 weight distribution (52% front/48% rear) . Both body styles are available with either a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, although the automatic is the only transmission available for the AWD sedan. The all-wheel drive model is designated the G35x and uses an Aisin-Warner intelligent AWD system that shifts power to the wheels with the most grip.

The differences between the 2003 & 2004 G35 coupes. Both 03 & 04 6MT come standard with Brembo Brakes and the Performance Tire and Wheel Package. On the 2005 coupes, there were three new colors, 'Athens Blue', 'Lakeshore Slate' and 'Serengeti Sand', replacing 'Twilight Blue', Caribbean Blue, and 'Desert Platinum'. Also, Willow Cloth was removed and Stone interior was available. For the 2005 models, there were sportier gauges and better interior trim and knobs.


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